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PT Coupling 89005154

PT Coupling 89005154 Lightweight Compact Hose Drainer Assembly

  • Manufacturer: PT Coupling Company
  • Brand: PT Coupling
  • ARGPN: 89005154
  • MPN: 89005154
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PT Coupling Lightweight Compact Hose Drainer Assembly

Product Type      :      Hose Drainer Assembly

PT Coupling Hose Drainer® addresses the needs for truck drivers and workers alike to safely drain hoses without causing long-term damage to the user's body. The patented Hose Drainer® aids in draining large product delivery hoses without the need for awkward bending and lifting. The Hose Drainer® promotes good posture while performing media delivery tasks and eliminates the need to bend over and manually pick up industrial hoses to complete the draining process. This product works by placing the roller behind the hose list, the user then walks alongside the hose toward the tank. The Hose Drainer® works uses gravity to drain any residual fluid in the hose back into the tank.

  • With telescopic handle
  • pdfCatalog https://www.alaskarubbergroup.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/PT Coupling_89005154_CAT.pdf

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