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VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

Let ARG Industrial's experienced staff help drive your inventory needs.  

We can save you money and free up time so you can focus on what’s important…your customers!

What is VMI?

Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI is a service ARG Industrial offers for customers with moderate to high hose/fittings/supply inventory needs. We assess your site, utilize or add to existing bin/storage systems, label and establish mins & maxes, then create a service schedule to visit your location to hand stock every item and replenish your inventory. Our VMI representative will work one on one with your purchasing/inventory team to create a streamlined process for keeping the parts and supplies you use in stock and always available.

ARG Industrial provides Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services for customers who want to transform their inventory management and streamline their workflow.

Our VMI Program can help reduce costs related to Inventory, Purchasing and Procurement while increasing overall efficiencies.

Utilizing a VMI Program is a cost saving solution that gives you better visibility into your product consumption and productivity to maintain a healthy business.

Vendor Managed Inventory Benefits

Our multifaceted approach helps customers achieve maximum inventory control, resulting in lower operating costs and better cash flow. The main benefits our customers experience from participating in a VMI Program include:

1. Cost Reduction

Our Team can help lower operating and carrying costs from:

  • Intelligent Inventory Management Ordering & Forecasting
  • Decrease Stockouts Less Emergency Orders
  • Intuitive Stock Replenishment Min/Max Quantity Maintenance
  • Streamlined Procurement Less Transactional Expense

2. Increased Productivity

We visit your location and establish a schedule to manage your inventory, that way you can focus on service and efficiencies, while adding more value to your customers experiences.

3. Short/No Lead Times

Economic inventory control paired with scheduled visits help reduce lead-time because we manage everything for you. We monitor your inventory with precision and experience so ordering deadlines are met and item shortages are drastically reduced.

Vendor Managed Inventory helps you optimize operations while saving money & time.

VMI Program Set Up: Getting Started

Every VMI Program is slightly different, which is why we customized our process to fit your business’s unique needs.

Here's how our VMI program works:

   On-Site Consultation Verify VMI Program Eligibility

   Evaluate Needs Identify components & required quantity levels (mins/maxes)

   Assess Storage/Bin system Use existing or add additional storage for inventory needs, label bins for ease and use

   Determine On-Site Visit Schedule Discuss visit frequency for replenishment & inventory management

We'll work with you to make sure you achieve your inventory goals and maintain an optimal min-max quantity for each item. Whether your goal is to optimize your operations or improve better inventory control, ARG Industrial will be the secret to your success!

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