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Pumper & Vac

ARG Industrial proudly supports the industries who utilize Pumper and Vacuum equipment. There are a lot of jobs and big messes that need specialized vacuum equipment. When it comes to cleaning, elimination, and transportation, we help supply the hoses, fittings, and supplies that keep Pumper & Vac vehicles up and running.

A wide variety of commercial and industrial businesses employ Pumper & Vac’s on their job sites. Whether you are working with liquids or solids, we have the supplies to suction, strain, spray, and clean up the smallest to the biggest jobs out there. Helping hard working industries turn dirty jobs into finished projects is a goal we take seriously.

We partner with companies like Kuriyama, PT Coupling, Super Products to bring you the hoses, fittings, and supplies that are built tough with safety and quality in mind. In addition, our products are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Our hoses can help provide reliable performance and minimize downtime, which can increase productivity and reduce costs. With our products, you can be confident that your pumper & vacuum services will operate smoothly and efficiently.

Our dedicated staff of employee owners are ready to help. From liquid vacuum tankers to combo trucks and industrial vac loaders, you are in luck….ARG Industrial has everything you need for your Pumper & Vac trucks!

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