Cleanfit Blue Monster® 71023 71023

Cleanfit Blue Monster® 71023 Blue Microbubble Leak Detector, 8 oz Bottle, Liquid

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Cleanfit Blue Monster® Microbubble Leak Detector, Container Size: 8 oz, Container Type: Bottle, Liquid, Blue, Composition: Alpha-(Nonylphenyl)-(Omegahydroxypoly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), Non-Hazardous Ingredients, Specific Gravity: 1.01, -10 to 215 deg F

Color      :      Blue
Composition      :      Alpha-(Nonylphenyl)-(Omegahydroxypoly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), Non-Hazardous Ingredients
Container Size      :      8 oz
Container Type      :      Bottle
Form      :      Liquid
Product Type      :      Leak Detector
Specific Gravity      :      1.01
Temperature Rating      :      -10 to 215 deg F

Blue Monster® Microbubble leak detector is a sensitive solution formulated to detect even the smallest of leaks in air and gas lines, tanks, cylinders, valves, fittings, pipelines and other suspect areas. Blue Monster's dependable formula provides long-lasting leak detection up to 10 min after application. Ideal for identifying leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, this easy-to-use leak detector is equally effective on natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen, chlorine, CO2 and most other gases. Not for use on oxygen systems.

  • Detects even the smallest of gas leaks
  • Non-freezing formula, usable from -10 to 215 deg F
  • Will not cause corrosion or deterioration of metal or plastic piping systems
  • Ideal for testing pressures less than 1 psi

Applications: For identifying leaks in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems

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