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Cim-Tek® 60038

Cim-Tek® 60038 Tank Dryer

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Cim-Tek® Tank Dryer, 24 in Length, For Use With: Transfer, Farm, and Saddle Tank

For Use With      :      Transfer, Farm, and Saddle Tank
Length      :      24 in
Product Type      :      Tank Dryer

Cim-Tek® tank dryer quickly absorbs water from diesel, biodiesel, gas, and fuel oil from the bottom of above-ground fuel tanks using a super-absorbent polymer. Keeping water from your fuel reduces engine downtime and maintenance costs. It also works with hydraulic oil and kerosene. Total water absorbed per tank dryer is approximately 400 mL. It has a 9 ft string for lowering into the tank and the dryer itself is 24 in long. It is effective in as little as 24 hr. For use with transfer tanks, farm tanks, and saddle tanks with a 2 in opening or larger. It is not intended for use with ethanol blended fuel as alcohol-based fuel additives designed to disperse water will reduce the effectiveness of the tank dryer.

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