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TKG 9150-01520-8116

TKG Dynagard™ 9150-01520-8116 Blue Wire Rope Lubricant, 5 gal, Smooth/Creamy

  • Manufacturer: The Kirkpatrick Group
  • Brand: TKG
  • MPN: 9150-01520-8116
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TKG Dynagard™ Wire Rope Lubricant, Container Size: 5 gal, Smooth/Creamy, Blue, Viscosity: 320 deg C

Color      :      Blue
Container Size      :      5 gal
Form      :      Smooth/Creamy
Product Type      :      Wire Rope Lubricant
Sub Brand      :      Dynagard™
Viscosity      :      320 deg C

Dynagard™ Blue is an Unleaded Environmental Wire Rope Lubricant. This coating is non-sheening and has excellent resistance to softening under severe working conditions, It is water-resistant and performs at the highest level in extreme pressure applications. Dynagard™ Blue is compatible with all Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Systems in applying product under pressure as well as manually. The viscosity and slickness stay alive through the Wire Rope as the strands move during load-bearing operations. This attribute helps with continuous redistribution to cover any internal strand areas that may have been missed during the initial lubrication process.

  • Dynagard™ Blue has outstanding structural and chemical stability
  • An unleaded extreme pressure additive provides exceptional protection against wear and shock loads
  • Additional additives enhance resistance to water wash-off, protection against fling-off at high wire rope travel speeds and long service in a high-temperature environment
  • It won't corrode steel and copper-bearing alloys and is compatible with conventional seal materials

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