Sound Technology 031010 31010

Sound Technology 031010 Black Open Cell Polyester/Vinyl Composite Foam Sheet, 54 in W, 1/4 in Thick

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Sound Technology Composite Foam Sheet, 54 in Width, 1/4 in Thickness, Material Construction: Open Cell Polyester/Vinyl, Black, -20 to 200 deg F

Color      :      Black
Material      :      Polyester
Material Construction      :      Open Cell Polyester/Vinyl
Product Type      :      Foam Sheet
Temperature Rating      :      -20 to 200 deg F
Thickness      :      1/4 in
Width      :      54 in

Loaded vinyl/foam composite is a noise-blocking limp mass barrier laminated to an acoustic foam isolation layer. The foam layer decouples the barrier and increases its ability to block noise. It is used to add noise-blocking capability to pipes, housings, tanks, floorboards, walls, covers and bulkheads.

Applications: For marine vessels, vehicle cabs, off-highway and trucks

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