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Lube-It All® LA12

Lube-It All® LA12 Light Amber Deep Lubricating Oil, 11 oz Aerosol Can, Mild Solvent/Petroleum, Mild Solvent or Petroleum Odor

  • Manufacturer: Federal Process Corporation
  • Brand: Lube-It All®
  • ARGPN: LA12
  • MPN: LA12
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Lube-It All® Deep Lubricating Oil, Container Size: 11 oz, Container Type: Aerosol Can, Light Amber, Mild Solvent or Petroleum, Composition: Carbon Dioxide, Distillates Petroleum Hydrotreated Light, Petroleum Oil, Aliphatic Petroleum Distillate, Mixture, Specific Gravity: <1, Flash Point: 166 deg F, VOC Content: 22.5 %, Flammability Rating: 3, -30 to 350 deg F, Packaging Quantity: 12 CS

Color      :      Light Amber
Composition      :      Carbon Dioxide, Distillates Petroleum Hydrotreated Light, Petroleum Oil, Aliphatic Petroleum Distillate, Mixture
Container Size      :      11 oz
Container Type      :      Aerosol Can
Flammability Rating      :      3
Flash Point      :      166 deg F
Odor/Scent      :      Mild Solvent or Petroleum
Packaging Quantity      :      12 CS
Product Type      :      Lubricating Oil
Specific Gravity      :      <1
Temperature Rating      :      -30 to 350 deg F
VOC Content      :      22.5 %

Lube-It All® is a high-viscosity oil that clings to moving parts. Foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins to provide long-lasting lubrication. Reduces friction wear on moving parts and in metal-to-metal applications. The 'moly' additive improves its capacity to handle greater pressure requirements of start-up stress.

  • Contains molybdenum disulphide for superior lubricating performance
  • Silicone-free formula
  • Forms a thin, dry lubricant coating to reduce friction
  • Displaces 1200 times its volume in water on surfaces and repels moisture to prevent corrosion
  • Does not attract dust
  • Penetrates through fine gaps to deliver coating to assembled parts and obstructed surfaces
  • Can be used on electrical, metal and plastic surfaces, rotating parts and gears
  • A high viscosity oil that clings to moving parts, fortified with molybdenum, moly to handle greater pressure
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