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Continental 5V2650

Continental CONTI®HY-T® Wedge 5V2650 Black Polybutadiene Wrapped V-Belt, 265 in, 5V Section, 5/8 in W, 17/32 in Thick

  • Manufacturer: Continental Industries
  • Brand: Continental
  • ARGPN: 5V2650
  • MPN: 5V2650
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Continental CONTI®HY-T® Wedge Wrapped V-Belt, V-Belt Section: 5V, Outer Circumference: 265 in, 1 -Rib, Construction: Wrapped, 5/8 in Width, 17/32 in Thickness, Material Construction: Polybutadiene, Black, -30 to 165 deg F

Color      :      Black
Construction      :      Wrapped
Material      :      Polybutadiene
Material Construction      :      Polybutadiene
Number of Ribs      :      1
Outer Circumference      :      265 in
Product Type      :      Wrapped V-Belt
Sub Brand      :      CONTI®HY-T® Wedge
Temperature Rating      :      -30 to 165 deg F
Thickness      :      17/32 in
V-Belt Section      :      5V
Width      :      5/8 in

CONTI®HY-T® Wedge cross section means the belts are narrower and weigh less. Narrower belts allow for the use of thinner and lighter sheaves, resulting in a more efficient drive. The savings continue through the higher horsepower capacity provided by CONTI®HY-T® Wedge V-belt construction. Vytacord tension members provide strength and dimensional stability. Higher horsepower capacity is also provided through a tough engineered rubber compound cushion, adding to belt strength. CONTI®HY-T® Wedge, with its narrow cross section, makes it possible to achieve a required horsepower with fewer CONTI®HY-T® Wedge belts than with standard V-belts, reducing sheave size, sheave costs and belt costs even more. Since less power is required to run the smaller, lighter drives, more power gets to the load. Therefore, you may be able to downsize drive motors and/or increase drive efficiency for even more savings. CONTI®HY-T® Wedge envelope belts are identified with a 3 V, 5 V or 8 V prefix and are recommended for drives where pulsation, shock loads, high-tension and long centers are involved. It features a continuous V-section that is protected by a wide angle, synthetic fabric impregnated with high-quality engineered rubber compound. This unique envelope achieves the high-strength CONTI®HY-T® Wedge belts need to withstand high-loading forces. It also provides the torsional rigidity required in long center drives delivering the traction needed for accurate tracking and precision performance.

  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduced drive cost
  • Reduced drive weight
  • MatchMaker
  • Static-conductive
  • Conditionally resistant to oil
  • Polyester tension member

Applications: Medium/high hp industrial applications