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    • Davlyn S-E13610-12
    • The Davlyn Silco Sleeve® Industrial Knitted Fire Sleeve, Series: S-E13610, provides robust protection for hoses, wires, and cables in high-heat environments, designed to endure temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). It features a silicone elastomer-coated Type E fiberglass construction, capable of withstanding molten splashes at 2200°F (1200°C). This sleeve is crafted from knitted fiberglass yarns for flexibility, then coated with high-grade silicone rubber, ensuring resistance to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels. It effectively insulates against energy loss in piping, protects against burns, and facilitates the bundling of wires, hoses, and cables. The braided version meets stringent industry performance standards.

    • Davlyn T-204801-00-A0
    • Davlyn Silco Tape® T-204801-00-A0 Silicone Rubber-Coated Fibe  More...

      Davlyn Silco Sleeve® S-E13610 Industrial Knitted Fire Sleeve

      Davlyn Silco Tape® T-204801-00-A0 Silicone Rubber-Coated Fiberglass Industrial Tape, 100 ft L x 3 in W

        • Manufacturer: Davlyn Manufacturing |
        • Brand: Davlyn
        • ARGPN: T-204801-00-A0 |
        • MPN: T-204801-00-A0
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