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ARG Industrial 2800-1150

ARG Industrial 2800-1150 UHMWPE Double Leg Soft Shackle, 3/4 in, 101000 lb

  • Manufacturer: ARG Industrial
  • Brand: ARG Industrial
  • ARGPN: 2800-01150
  • MPN: 2800-1150
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ARG Industrial Double Leg Soft Shackle, Load Capacity: 101000 lb, Size: 3/4 in, Material Construction: UHMWPE

Load Capacity      :      101000 lb
Material      :      Polyethylene
Material Construction      :      UHMWPE
Product Type      :      Soft Shackle
Size      :      3/4 in

Soft shackles made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) the newest thing in the rigging world. Great for applications where weight is a consideration and unlike steel shackles, there is no pin to keep track of. Popular for jerking or towing vehicles because if the rope or strap breaks, there is no flying metal hardware coming through the windshield. Also a favorite in the yachting world because of its lightweight.

  • Stronger than wire rope the same size at 1/8th the weight
  • Great for pulling, towing and boating applications
  • Not approved for overhead lifting