KARMAN RUBBER K7450-AA51 Black Natural Rubber Male/Female Cylindrical Vibro Isolator 1 in W

  1. pin-int

KARMAN RUBBER Male/Female Cylindrical Vibro Isolator, 1 in Width, Material Construction: Natural Rubber, Black

Color      :      Black
Material      :      Rubber
Material Construction      :      Natural Rubber
Product Type      :      Vibro Isolator
Width      :      1 in
  • Easy to install and no maintenance required
  • Open threads allow screws to extend into the elastomer
  • Compression loads from 2 - 5000 lb
  • Can be loaded in the compression or shear modes
  • Compounds formulated for optimal chemical and mechanical elastomer-to-metal bonds
  • All inserts plated with yellow zinc dichromate
  • Made in USA